MovingWell Podcast

with Nikki Naab-Levy & Janet Sutherland: Fitness advice for efficient, effective, and pain free exercise.

Season 3, Ep.3

  • The difference between the traditional medical model for working with a SCI and a movement based approach
  • Why Pilates inherently lends itself to being so beneficial to this group
  • The benefits of getting on the ground and using rolling patterns after an SCI
  • Why the diagnostic tests may not always accurately measure SCI recovery
  • Zebra Fish Neuro and how it will help movement teachers, Pilates instructors, and fitness professionals work with people who have an SCI
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Pilates Unfiltered Podcast


with Jenna Zaffino: A podcast BY Pilates people, FOR Pilates people. 

Season 4, Ep. 32

  • Listen to the story behind Zebrafish Neuro
  • Our plans after running a successful Kickstarter campagin


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The Kickstarter campaign was quite a ride!

View the campaign archive here.

Pilates Intel (Blog)

Theo & Stephanie co-wrote this piece which focuses on responsibilities in client-trainer collaboration.

"The first is the client’s responsibility to help his trainer help him.

The second is the trainer’s responsibility to empower her client to help himself."

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People Magazine

Read about Theo's journey, the limits of the medical system around SCI recovery, and the need for a new approach to SCI rehab.

Find the video and article here.