Engage in movement theory exploration, session observation, hands-on application & team-teaching to start your career in SCI training.

  • Dive deep into discussion about new ways to teach movement and body connection.
  • Gain the confidence, skills, strength and understanding to facilitate lasting change in SCI clients.
  • Receive small group (2-3 students) and individual mentorship from the Zebrafish Neuro team
  • Feel prepared to take on clients with neurological and mobility challenges in a Pilates setting
  • 80 hours of supervised & instructed learning
  • Hands-on practice at teaching labs over 5 weekends
  • Build on your learning through the Mentor Program Workbook
  • Be part of a pioneering SCI client-and-trainer community


Discussion of concepts, theory, real client case studies and protocols as they apply to the spinal cord injury recovery process.

The first of these sessions will cover a more structured curriculum, which will later be dictated by concepts that you feel need deeper exploration for your own learning process.

Observation & Session Assistant

Observe and interact in real client sessions.

You are encouraged to ask questions, engage in the dialogue, feel client engagement and offer input during a real client session, but will not be physically facilitating the session. You will also be helping us with exercise set-ups, spotting the client, and facilitating a more efficient session for the client.



Mentor Program Completion

 A 30-minute written examination will test your understanding of spinal cord injury as a condition and in the training setting.

The Practical Exam will require that you program and execute a successful two hour session with each of the assigned clients to be evaluated by Stephanie. Criteria provided prior to exam.

Hands-On Labs

Get hands-on experience working with clients in a collaborative lab setting.

This time will be used to practice assessments, exercise protocols, discover new exercises and try working with a variety of clients. The first couple labs  will be directed with specific concepts to explore. As you gain confidence and experience, labs will become more of a guided exploration with your client with support and supervision.


Actively training clients in a real session.

Students will participate in programming, exercise set up, execution and teaching alongside Stephanie. Participation and leadership will increase over the course of the program.


Next Mentor Program Cycle:

Spring 2019

 2017 Mentor Program students

2017 Mentor Program students