SCI Unique

Goodbye one size fits all. Hello Zebrafish Platform.

Perhaps you have tried to use the Pilates repertoire with your SCI clients but something isn’t working.

Or, you are really great at adapting able-bodied workouts for SCI clients, but long-term improvements just aren’t coming.

What would happen if you used a framework that was made specifically for SCI?


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Curated exercises target SCI-specific goals, like seated posture and lower-body anchoring for upper-body mobilization.

Progressions allow your client to build upon his or her strengths, extending connection from where it is, to where it isn't yet.

Setups can be modified to suit any SCI client – whether they have trouble moving their arms, or can stand independently.

Easy to Integrate

Designed to be easy to learn and integrate into your current practices.

As an experienced teacher of movement, you already have something great to offer SCI clients. You might already be doing great work. Let’s keep it rolling!

Join us for a jam-packed weekend workshop to jumpstart your learning process with SCI.

Optimize your current teaching methods for SCI so your client can progress faster. You’ll feel confident and inspired to launch into the SCI rehab world. 

We’ve Got Your Back

No pain is gain.

Don’t cut your career short with work related chronic back pain.
We’ve put the safety and preservation of the trainer's body at the core of our design.

Re-direct your energy from physically supporting your client to problem-solving movement challenges.

A lighter load means a longer career.

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Exercise progressions ensure the work is carried by your client's body,

not yours.

Working with supportive equipment takes a load off your back.