Uniting spinal cord injury with the world of mindful movement.

For Pilates Teachers

With your Pilates training, you have an incredible opportunity to help spinal cord injury clients reach their goals.

However, you might be intimidated or unsure how to cultivate learning in such a compromised body.

Gain confidence in applying your knowledge to work with this population by attending a workshop or purchasing the manual.

For SCI Trainers

Given how well you work with paralyzed clients, you are in the perfect place to incorporate new strategies to help your clients recovery faster.

If you ever wondered why your clients don't improve much year after year of coming to the gym, then its the perfect time to inject a new approach.

Grab a new set of tools that helps your clients get to the next level. Take a break from your routine and challenge your learning with a Zebrafish workshop.


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Mentor Program

Pilates for Spinal Cord Injuries: Techniques to Facilitate Neurological Connection

Our 150+ page manual, written for both the SCI athlete and trainer, offers in depth discussion about SCI recovery, movement concepts relate as they to paralysis, and exercise ideas to kickstart the process. These tools will help you get started working with spinal cord injury, or gain new perspective on your current practice.

In-depth exploration of spinal cord injury in one weekend

Engage in thought-provoking discussion about the theory behind our work, as well as offer guided hands-on practice working with actual spinal cord injured clients.

Single day and three-day workshops available Summer and Fall 2018.

Full immersion and longitudinal learning of the spinal cord injury recovery process

Watch the process of re-connection unfold over time as you learn in a small group setting.

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For Clients

At-Home Recovery Instructional Video Series

Take ownership of your healing process through breaking down movements into their fundamentals, and using minimal equipment in self-directed exercises at home.