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Take Ownership

While it’s critical to team up with trainers while pursuing recovery, the real work of repatterning a body and nervous system must happen outside of the gym or studio.

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For the Long Haul

How you sit and move in the rest of your day is far more important in the long-term than how well you do supported by a therapist.

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Become a Body Nerd

Understanding the inner workings of the body will greatly improve your ability to connect. Know how it works, increase your awareness of what you feel, and find better ways to connect.

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The content in this home program will be made available in video series format for organized practice anywhere. Each module contains 10-15 videos, grouped by topic:

  1. What Is A Home Regimen? Reasons to Develop a Personal Practice

  2. Laying the Foundation: The Process of Reconnection

  3. SCI Anatomy: How the Paralyzed Body Can Be Moved Again

  4. Breathing, Muscle Release, and Learning to Love the Floor

  5. Basics of Developing Core Control (using a modest amount of Pilates equipment)

  6. Pulley-Power: Move Yourself

  7. Swimming for SCI: Why, How, and Using the Water to Reconnect

  8. Hands Need Love: Understanding, Exercising, and Integrating Hand Movements

I, Theo, have been developing this program for the last couple years and have filmed over 50 videos so far. There remains lots of editing to pull it together, but despite the draws of work and school, I'm still committed to it!

Taking ownership of recovery is something I feel incredibly strong about, and I'm doing my best to craft this video program to help you, SCI athletes, do just that.

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