Welcome to Zebrafish Neuro!

Our mission is to make mindful movement standard in spinal cord injury recovery.


SCI Unique.

Goodbye one-size-fits-all.
Hello Zebrafish Platform.

SCI clients are unique from one another, unique from other neurological conditions, and unique from able-bodied individuals. That's why SCI clients need a program designed uniquely for them.

Easy to Integrate.

No need to Re-Create.

The Zebrafish Platform was designed to be easy to learn and integrate into your current practices.

We’ve Got Your Back.

No pain is gain.

Don’t cut your career short with work-related back pain. Put the safety and preservation of your body at the core of your work.


A variety of learning formats
to get you started, with ongoing support for continued growth


Movement Manual

SCI Recovery Videos


Webinars & Online Learning

Weekend Workshop

Mentor Program


Partners in Recovery

Stephanie Behrendt & Theo St. Francis have cultivated a working relationship around communication, collaboration, and openness to discovery – the building blocks of their shared neuro-rehab journey.