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Spinal cord injury recovery. redesigned.

Facilitating movement discovery and lasting neurological change through education and exploration

There are many unknowns in the process of SCI rehab.

Can a paralyzed body heal? Does recovery stop after two years?

There seem to be no protocols, and certainly no guarantees. 

We believe recovery can be a lifelong process: not only can you regain lost function, but you can learn to move in entirely new ways.

We've synthesized our combined 10 years of experience in spinal cord injury recovery into an approach which creates lasting neuromuscular connection.

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A comprehensive text exploring the SCI recovery process, our ideas on how to harness potential and strategies to implement effective rehab programs. These tools will help you get started working with spinal cord injury, or gain new perspective on your current practice.



Join us for deep discussions about what is possible after paralyzing injury.

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development sessions

Jumpstart or rev up your recovery program with in-person development sessions, either at home or in the gym/studio with your local trainer. You can come to us or we can come to you.


at home recovery videos

Take ownership of your healing process by learning our mindful movement approach and using this framework to create self-directed exercises at home with minimal equipment. 

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weekend workshops

for SCI athletes and trainers

Engage in thought-provoking discussion about the theory behind our work, explore movement after paralyzing injury and take home ready to implement strategies and exercises.